Sunset Fest

Sunset Fest

Nicaragua’s most exclusive Eco Beach Festival

What is Sunset Fest?

Nicaragua's top beach party

Sunset Fest is an Exclusive Eco Beach Festival that takes place in Playa Marsella (15 min drive from San Juan del Sur) every Saturday from 1 PM to 7 PM. 

  • $15 gets you:
    • Hola Ola Pre Pool Party (start @ 11:00 am)
    • Welcome shot
    • Roundtrip Transportation to Tropical Beach Paradise
    • Delicious chicken BBQ
    • Volleyball, cornhole, flunkyball and more games
    • $1 rum promo
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How is Sunset Fest giving back?

One of the objectives of Sunset Fest is to bring positive effects to everybody in the community, locals, expats and travelers alike. This is why we have taken different initiatives to ensure everybody can enjoy this event comfortably knowing that Sunset Fest isn’t just another party, it has a purpose.

Trash Free Party

Trash Free

We have eliminated trash from Sunset Fest. We recycle all beer cans; we give people our reusable Sunset Eco Cup instead of plastic cups; and the little plastic that is used is recycled through in different projects, from arts and crafts, to gardening to construction.

Beach Cleanups

Beach Cleanups

Not only we do not produce trash, we are also trying to raise awareness about beach pollution by organizing bi-weekly beach cleanups with travelers, expats and members of the local community.

Helping Hand for Nicaragua

20% of all the proceeds from Sunset Fest goes into supporting the social and ecological projects ran by the non-profit program "Helping Hand for Nicaragua". These projects include intercultural programs focused on nurturing local children, recycling projects that provide income for families with little resources, reforestation projects and more. For more information please visit Helping Hand for Nicaragua’s website.

Our Values

We are innovators

We believe in making the world a better place

We are active, fun and adventurous

We free ourselves from mainstream

We love music and nature

We give back to the community